Pure Digital ProductsWithout a doubt, my favorite tech gadget this year has been the Pure Digital’s Flip Camera and the excitement just get better with their latest toy – MinoHD – High Definition Flip Camera. Watch the slick MinoHD trailer here.

Not only did I beg my administrators to give one to each teacher in my division, but I’m picking up two for my own kids. My three year old son learned the flip camera in ten seconds. It was insanely easy. His face lit up when he saw what he could do with it. It’s the #1 AV device to be signed out in our library, we can’t keep up with the demand.

The ease to record and save your videos on a PC or Mac computer will have teachers quickly saving conversations, reading circles, fun activities and assessments. Here are two quick examples of how it was used in our elementary division. A grade 2 science tech animation reflection and a grade 4 literature circle discussion recorded in three six minute videos with one sample here.

All the big media companies are covering a positive story on Pure Digital. The New York Times stated that Pure Digital was one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley. I would take it step further to say, besides picking up a Flip Camera for your loved one, to also pick a 100 shares during this tough economic time because this gadget will be selling this holiday and I expect in the future as well. It has a future in the classroom and the playground.

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