educational-games-childtopia_1239782207846 The brilliant colors will immediately draw you in. And if you spend enough time, you’ll fine a few winning activities to do with your students or children. Whether it’s an activity sheet to print and complete or an interactive tutorial on drawing. The site is well paced and has a wide variety of activities. Further, the number of choices at each area is extensive. The drawing section had step by step stages to draw 100s of designs. The comments were very positive, so much so that I had to laugh. The ‘Detective’ area is a searching game which I found much harder than ‘I spy’ but the play-do graphics more than made up for it. Also, the ‘getting warmer’ commentary made it a bit more interactive and fun. The games section immediately indicates a suggested age level and has a wide variety of things to try. My only wish woud be if the webmasters implement a search feature where I could say I teach 4-5 year olds – and only those activities catering to that area would be shown. Still, I could see a teacher or parent finding good use for this site. Everything I tried was free. I did see a banner ad indicating for 12 euros the premium version was available.

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