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Cyberbullying is probably the number one area for young digital education.

In the UK, a reported 22% of children and young people claim to have been the target of cyberbullying making this one of the most important new areas of behaviour to understand and to equip schools, carers and young people with the ability to respond.

2006 Research carried out by the Anti-Bullying Alliance

The Anti-Cyberbullying video produced by is one of the best I have seen. It has many subtle scenes that even elementary students will pick up on. A great place to start a discussion on bullying and/or cyberbullying in the classroom or technology lab.

Viral emails, spam, identify theft and cyberbullying are identified by security guru CISSP and its band of volunteers as areas for zero-tolerance and an effort initiated in the UK and now in North America is taking shape. To help create a better and safer world for our children – go to (ISC)2 and help make the world cyber safe.

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