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I have heard people will use this feature to bypass some monthly phone charges, but I was without a mobile or land line phone and wanted to send a text message to a mobile phone. I did have Google and an hour to spare, so I was pleased to find a way to “send a free text message from any computer to any phone, using your current email provider”

In the To: field type the ten digit phone number including the North American area code, then @ followed by their telephone provider.

To send text to a Bell Canada phone that had the number 416-444-5555, I would type in the To: field “4164445555@txt.bell.ca” Then you write something in the subject field. It is sent instantly. The recipient can even reply to you, which you’d receive… as an email.

As this video will show (which I later found when creating this blog post) AT&T has the domain text name – text.att.net

From the Zemanta articles, Barabara Boise points out the Google Voice which would allow your students (or semi-friends, maybe fans) to send you text messages with their computers, without them ever knowing your real phone number.

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