One of the best blog entries I have read was Jeff Utecht’s How to prepare yourself for technology interview questions at your next Job Fair. I think it’s his #1 viewed article, too.

But, the reciprocal question to ask is – What should schools be providing in their classrooms to ensure teachers can use modern technology well?

This is not a wish list. Obviously, someone has to pay for these resources, so I’m going focus on the most important components of technology to be included in the elementary classroom.

  • LCD Projector
  • Digital Camera (7+ MB)
  • Access to a color printer – able to print variety of sizes
  • Access to an AV device to play DVD/VCR material
  • Reliable Access to the Internet
  • Reliable Wireless connectivity – able to use a laptop
  • Teacher laptop/desktop
  • Two student laptop/desktops

The Next Level of Tech items in the Classroom:

Smartboard – some would say it’s a standard, but if it’s a bonus, how many more years until it’s a standard?

Document Camera (ie Elmo, AverMedia device) – allowing you to view student work as a class for mass editing)

Sound system – installed above ground to hook to laptop/desktop
Recording audio device – iRiver, iPod for podcasts

Student laptops – stored in a secured cart, students have immediate access to laptops

Now, what have I forgotten?

Am I over-stressing or under-emphasizing anything?

These thoughts followed a review of my school’s Technology Plan and one section identified supporting teachers with the right technological resources and I was wondering – What does that look like today? What do the technology leading schools have that we can all aspire?

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