A gem of a website for presentations is www.slideshare.net which is the largest collection for sharing slideshows, both by individuals and organizations. It’s a great place to store and share your slideshows quickly. And it’s free. Yet, the greatest eye opener for me was the opportunity to view thousands of other uploaded presentations, which are searchable by keywords and sorted with categories. I could find material that interested me professionally and personally.

Something to try early on is join a community or group that interests you. Begin with one, then later expand yourself. As a teacher who helps teachers integrate technology into their classroom teaching. I joined the group ‘web 2.0 tools for effecting teaching‘ which had (at the time I joined) 483 members who have uploaded 1069 slideshows. Plus, I immediately recognized a few worthy educators (ie Clarence Fisher aka glassbeed) whom I follow in my personal learning network. Great tutorial presentations on Blogging, Skype, Twitter and Google Apps offered great opportunities for learning for my staff and myself.

The site has a powerful search system. By pressing ‘Browse’, one can search by the latest slideshow of that day, the last week, month or all time. Further, you can find out which presentations were the most viewed, most embedded, most favorited, most downloaded or the featured slideshows. This can lead you to more groups or people sharing similar interests. The ‘Discover’ tab was another great discovery.

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