Zamzar is a website that can convert a huge number of image, audio and video formats – for free. I found it when I was asking how to save YouTube videos to share with students – just in case the Internet kicks out (which happens regularly in China) or if I need to have it as a backup for a presentation.

So, I used to visit Zamzar and upload all the information and Zamzar would inform me via email when I would be able to begin downloading the video. But, while I was researching this web tool, I discovered that it also has a toolbar button option for your browser that makes the downloading process even faster and less painful. Now, it will be more tedious than using a commercial or shareware converter, but you can spend your money on something else, like a Pro version of Flickr or Zamzar!

You are able to download/convert from some of the top video sites in the Internet on the fly…

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